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Bierstadt on a Dare Colorado 14er

the 14ers in Colorado Mount Bierstadt was my very first Class 2 14er that I had ever attempted. Prior to it, I had talked a lot about going onto one of the more difficult paths, but had stuck to the Class 1 routes because it was safer. Friends had dared me and... read more

Huron: Adventures of Another 14er

the 14ers in Colorado Mount Huron is one of the smaller summits, standing at 14,003 feet. I chose to park at the Clear Creek trailhead and take the Northwest Slopes. This made my trip approximately 6 ½ miles round-trip, which was mild in comparison to some of the... read more

Mount Bross: Climbing in Colorado

the 14ers in Colorado Mount Bross was the very first 14er that I had ever done and much of this is because it’s one of the few Class 1 hikes that are available. I took the East Slopes route from Mineral Park Mine and the exhilaration from the whole thing ignited... read more

Lincoln: A Beloved 14er

the 14ers in Colorado Mount Lincoln may be one of my favorite ones to date. It’s on the Mosquito range, and I have not been to too many of the 14ers in the area. I was able to hike through the Pike Forest and really see a lot. The elevation here is 14,286 feet... read more

Elbert: The Adventure of a Lifetime

the 14ers in Colorado Mount Elbert was one of the first 14ers that I had ever done. I wanted to go on a hike and it occurred to me that there were all of these incredible peaks throughout the Denver area. Not wanting to be shown up by anyone, it seemed like it would... read more

Snow Mobile In Steamboat Springs

There is absolutely nothing quite like snow mobiling in one of the fresh snowfalls of Colorado. The powerful snow mobile below you allows you to race across the snow and go on an adventure. Whether you go on your own or with friends, it can be an absolute blast – and... read more

Grays And Torreys: An Incredible 14er

Grays and Torreys is a part of the Front Range. The Grays Peak stands at about 14, 270 feet while Torreys Peak is at 14,267 feet. Even though they are considered class one and class two trails, they are still strenuous. It’s a total round trip length of 8.35... read more